New Construction | Southeast Wyoming & Northern Colorado

Some people may believe that there is nothing to do in a brand-new home or office. Unfortunately, building or remodeling a house or business can be a messy process. The best-case scenario is that the builder covered the vents during the build process. In this case you would just have to worry about the fine drywall dust. It is very fine the dust can compromise the furnace and clog the cooling coils.


Most contractors are busy juggling many tasks and making sure that the walls are straight and the floors are level. Thinking about covering the ducts is not even a thought. In these cases, we find everything from construction scraps to lunch trash mixed in with the drywall dust. The duct system is the hidden room of the house and often the trash receptacle for the workers.


Mighty Ducts has 2 decades of experience and we are certified through the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association Every job is unique and we love working will all types of construction and remodel jobs in Southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado. We would be happy to work with you or your contractor to make sure you can settle into your new space and breathe easy.